Covid 19

How we are handling Covid 19 to keep you safe while working for you !

Our Commitment to You:
There is nothing more important than the well-being of our customers,
and we want you to feel comfortable working with us.

We are updating you on the steps we are taking to prioritize safety.

How we prepare for safe service:
• Training on personal protective equipment (PPE).
We are trained on the latest CDC recommended PPE guidelines.
• Ensuring we can stay home if sick. We take
Responsibility for Workers and Families Act and other
enhanced allowances for paid leave help our if someone
becomes ill.
• Performing mutual wellness checks. We check in on
the health of both our family, subs and our customers on the
day of scheduled service.
• Asking you to prepare the service area. We know it’s
important to limit our crew’s contact with surfaces in
your home, so we will ask that items are moved away
from the areas being painted.
No-contact Service

You may request no-contact service so that you
can remain in a different area from us at
all times. Along with all other precautions, we will:

•Email service agreements ahead of time.
•Communicate via text or phone call while on-site.
• Mail or email the invoice to you.
• Accommodate touch less transactions by accepting
payment over the phone

We’re always committed to providing the best customer experience
possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions,
concerns or requests for special precautions during your service.

How we stay safe on the job:
• Practicing social distancing. Under normal circumstances,
we would like to greet you with a handshake. For now, we will keep a distance of 6 feet.
• Wearing PPE. Our protective equipment includes masks,
safety glasses, clean shoe covers and a fresh pair of
disposable gloves.
• Relying on single-use materials. We will use one-time-use
materials wherever possible, including drop cloths.
• Limiting unnecessary contact. We will only go into areas
of your home where needed. If we need to contact
you during the job, we’ll text or call while on-site to limit
• Keeping things clean. Our crew will be equipped with
disinfectants and sanitizers that they will use to wipe
surfaces or equipment that they touch, including any
shared pens or styluses.



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